Dr Oz: Shoe Size Bigger After Pregnancy- Feet Half to 1 Size Bigger

By on May 26, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment of “Am I Normal” and was asked if it is normal for your shoe size to increase by one size after having a baby.  Feet Bigger After Pregnancy

Dr Oz said that it is normal for your feet to get bigger after pregnancy.  Hormones called Relaxin are secreted to help the baby grow and to help the baby come out.  Relaxin also relaxes your ligaments and so your feet often grown by 1/2 a size to 1 size and your feet do not go back to being their smaller size.  Also, when you are pregnant you weigh more, and the weight gain during pregnancy can relax and flatten your arches so that you get bigger and flatter feet.  Oh what we women go through for our babies!

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  1. Hi kim i have seen the two photos the one that carry Sophia and also this one that you have now it makes me laugh a lot, it means Sophia was so big than this our lovley boy that we are about to welcome in our Universe.I really like this and you make me laugh a lot kim i did not expect you to do this but it is really funny but i love your story.

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