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Dr Oz: Avocado Hair Mask When is comes to aging have you ever thought about your hair? Dr. Oz says years of wear and tear can take a toll on your hair, but he has three easy tests to figure out your hair’s “real” age and the fixes to make it look and feel younger. […]

Dr Oz: Low Testosterone Signs Today Dr. Oz is talking about something called Low “T”, or low testosterone, which is a medical problem that both men and women need to know about because it could kill your relationship. Dr Oz: The New Naked Review Dr. Harry Fisch, author of The New Naked, says testosterone is […]

Dr Oz: Organized vs OCD Dr. Oz says that while meticulous organization could be chalked up as a quirky personality, in extreme cases it could be a sign of a more serious issue called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD. He asked psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma to help explain how to know the difference between being […]

Dr Oz: New Uses for Epsom Salt Epsom Salt is a great way to make your bath more relaxing and healing. But there are many more ways you can make it a part of your routine, as Dr Oz demonstrated. Find out how to make it into a great Hair Volumizer, or try to use […]

Dr Oz: Drink White Tea to Smooth Wrinkles Dr. Oz says the weekend is his favorite part of the week because those two days are the best time to make a change, which is why he has your weekend beauty calendar to help you look younger by Monday! Dr Oz: Caffeine Eye Cream Review Alexis […]

Dr Oz: Keratin Conditioner Review Is your pretty hair causing you a pretty penny? If so, then this is the Dr. Oz Show for you because he enlisted the help of Tabatha Coffey, hairdresser and author of Own It!, to offer tips and tricks to get the look you want without the salon expense! Dr […]

Dr Oz: Minoxidil Review Have you ever panicked at the sight of your hair falling out? Dr. Oz says the areas where your hair falls out can actually reveal clues to the reason it is happening, so he asked a dermatologist to help explain why your hair falls out and what you can do to […]

Dr Oz: Hot in Cleveland Cast Offers Anti-Aging Tips Get ready for a fun Dr. Oz Show when he shares how to defy your age with the cast of Hot in Cleveland! The three stars share how they manage to look so young without ever having had surgery or Botox all while living and working […]

Dr Oz: Cinnamon Tea Bad Breath Remedy Are there things you talk to your doctor about, but are way too embarrassed to discuss with your spouse? If so, you are probably not alone and Dr. Oz invited the star of The Soul Man, Niecy Nash, to talk about the things that embarrass you the most. […]

Dr Oz: How to Find the Right Bra Do you have chronic pain in your back and constant pain in your shoulders that often makes you feel like you are walking around carrying boulders? If so, Dr. Oz says your bra could be to blame and he has the surprising reasons the bra you wear […]

Dr Oz: Ways Baking Soda Can Make You More Beautiful Would you be surprised to learn that Baking Soda can solve some of your biggest beauty dilemmas? Baking Soda can be great for caring for your body. Is there anything it does not work for? Dr Oz shared three of the best beauty solutions you […]

Dr Oz: Prebiotic Shake Recipe Do you constantly feel like you are running on empty? If so, you are not alone and that is why Dr. Oz has a 7-day plan to jumpstart your energy and fill your tank with the fuel it needs. He asked three experts to help him come up with the […]

Dr Oz: Bacopa Supplement Improves Memory Dr. Oz has three anti-aging supplements that will boost your memory, reduce your risk for cancer, and protect your heart. He asked an audience member to help share them with his audience. Dr Oz: Baby Aspirin Dose to Reduce Risk for Ovarian Cancer Even though many of us eat […]

Dr Oz: Toppik Spray Review Do you constantly find hair in your comb or brush or circling around the drain of your bathtub after a shower? If so, you are not alone and while Dr. Oz says thinning hair is especially devastating for women, he is ready to change all that with his 7-day plan […]

Dr Oz: Homemade Cellulite Scrub Dr. Oz conducted a 5-day cellulite experiment and the results were amazing, so he asked three experts to share their favorite solutions to fight and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also, learn how to protect your spleen and boost your immunity eating shitake mushrooms. Dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Graf recommends applying […]

Dr Oz: Is a Thigh Gap Healthy? Dr. Oz says the biggest concern he has with the obsession many women have with obtaining a thigh gap is that depending on a woman’s bone structure, she could end up burning off essential muscle in order to achieve an ideal appearance. He explains muscle is the body’s fat-burning […]

Dr Oz: What Hair Pros Really Use On Their Hair Most of us entrust our hair care to a professional, so Dr Oz called on some of them to share their own secrets and find out what they use on their locks each day. Learn how clip-ons or the perfect home blowout could help you. […]

Dr Oz: How To Revive Your Neckline Sometimes the neck can begin to droop or sag with age, but Dr Oz wanted to show us how to Chin Up and revive the neckline. Say no to scarves and yes to V-necks with advice from plastic surgeon Dr Shirley Madhere about Microcurrent Device therapy, Necklace Lines, […]