10 Second Cancer Test: Dr Oz’s Pencil Test Detects Skin Cancer Early

By on August 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Pencil Cancer Test

Dr Oz’s show on August 14, 2012 is about Cancer Prevention.  Did you know that Curcumin helps to prevent Pancreatic Cancer?  Or that you should keep a Headache Diary to track the possibility of Brain Cancer?  Plus, Doctor Oz shared a Pencil Cancer Test that can be done in 10 seconds with the ABCDE Guide.  Here is a quick review of Dr Oz’s 10 Second Cancer Test:

10 Second Cancer Test: Dr Oz's Pencil Test Detects Skin Cancer Early

Dr Oz spoke about how to do a 10 Second Cancer Test. All you need is a pencil to help detect Skin Cancer early!

A (Asymmetric) – Check if your moles are asymmetric

B (Border) – Check for a clear edge around your moles (you do not want to see fuzzy borders)

C (Color) – Check that your moles are the same color and shade and do not vary

D (Diameter) – You should be able to cover up each mole with the eraser on a pencil

E (Every Year) – Do this Skin Cancer check at least once a year (like on your birthday)

Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Oz also spoke about Pancreatic Cancer on his show today.  He mentioned three Pancreatic Cancer Solutions to help prevent and fight off this horrible form of Cancer.  First of all, you can try taing 750 mg Curcumin two times a day.  The second solution is to cut back of red meat that is high in fat and all of those processed meats that far too many of us grew up on.  The third Pancreatic Cancer Solution is to add two servings of yellow and red vegetables to your diet.  Click on the following link to read more about what Dr Oz said about Pancreatic Cancer.

Dr Oz Esophageal Cancer

Dr Oz spoke about the warning signs and treatments of Esophageal Cancer.  One of the easiest tips is to stop eating late.  Doctor Oz also suggested trying Proton Pump Inhibitors and Histamine Blockers.  Plus, if you are in doubt about whether or not you have Esophageal Cancer, you should think about having a Nasal Esophagoscopy.  Click on the following link to learn more about Barrett’s Esophagus.

Dr Oz August 14 2012: In Case You Missed It

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  1. Hi Dr.Oz: I have been a viewer of your site for a long lone time. Question if you could possibly give me and answer. I am one who quite often get headaches. When I lived in the City they were almost always in the evenings. Moved out to the country and they diminished. I have always had a CT Scan because of Brain Tumors in my family history. I have noticed lately that I have acquired a cough, usually in the a.m./p.m. I am on pain pills for back issues and am going to see a Neurologist next week. As well I am on an epi-pen for psoriatic arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Have an allergy to the sun so the lamps would not be a benefit to me.
    There are Tumors, Heart History, Cancer History, Epilepsy, I’m sure I could come up with more. Is the Humira causing this cough and headaches’ again, I have had a T.B. Test done, it was normal but the Dermatologist sent me to a Lung Specialist because she thought she seen something which was not there, thank goodness!! If you could answer any/or some of what I am asking I would be forever grateful. Thank you so much, Rita

  2. I always enjoy Seth’s inhgtsis as a breath of fresh air especially with CBS embracing people like Billy Packer, whose over-stated commentary got old quickly then his replacement Clark Kellogg’s his faux-Clyde routine One of the things Seth conveniently forgets is that some of the cupcake games are regionally politically correct I think that UCONN being on the bubble might be more of a reality with Coach Calhoun’s medical leave of absence Coach Blainey was a genius hire but he’s not Coach Calhoun I am hoping the American Sports Vatican (aka Notre Dame) falls off that bubble they need to establish a reputation of athletic excellence, not just a memory of the Digger Days !!!Glad to see someone speaking nationally about Da Hall and I agree with his evalaution !!!Lastly, I certainly hope Duke’s Singler stays for his senior year it will help the team and recognize that he’s not an NBA calibre player now and might never be

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