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Dr Oz September 4 2013 Actor Charlie Sheen is no stranger to tabloid rumors. He was on Dr Oz September 4 to look back on his wild ride of the past few years, from his public falling out with the series Two and a Half Men to his new gig on the FX comedy Anger Management. […]

Dr Oz September 3 2013 Dr Oz spent his September 3 episode discussing how foods are designed to get you hooked on their flavors. Potato chips are a great example of a food that combines salt, sugar and fat for the perfect achievement in flavor engineering. Knowing the store tricks can help you make healthier […]

Dr Oz September 2 2013 Dr Oz staged a bold experiment on the September 2 episode. Find out: does Green Coffee Bean Extract work? The weight loss diet supplement really gets results when put to the test on Oz’s viewers. Also, what is being done to prevent scammers from targeting you by misusing Dr Oz’s […]

Dr Oz August 30 2013 Could your health habits be hurting you? Dr Oz revealed the truth about your health mistakes on his August 30 episode. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Margarine Vs Butter, plus the new Jumpstart To Skinny plan from Bob Harper. Dr Oz: Brushing Teeth After Red […]

Dr Oz August 29 2013 Gwyneth Paltrow was a guest on Dr Oz’s August 29 show, to talk about her relationship with healthy, natural whole foods and her vegan recipes. Plus, Dr Oz shared some of his best remedy finds that could help you streamline your beauty routine. Keep reading for all the details. Dr […]

Dr Oz August 28 2013 Dr Oz shared the four Sleep Types on his August 28 episode and explained the pros and cons of each approach. Plus, do men really have bad habits? Keep reading to find out more. Dr Oz Sleep Types + Selenium Benefits There are four sleep types, according to Dr Oz, […]

Dr Oz August 27 2013 On August 27 2013, Dr Oz shared the hidden insights your personality might reveal about your health. See what you didn’t know about yourself with these traits and much more. Plus, what can help you get more time with your doctor? Learn the medical insider secrets. Dr Oz’s Personality Type […]

Dr Oz August 26 2013 Go shopping with Dr Oz, thanks to these lists and reviews from the August 26 show. It’s Dr Oz’s Ultimate Shopping List, with everything you might want to grab at the health food store, drug store, dollar store first aid, or grocery aisle finds. He even shared the best buys […]

Dr Oz August 23 2013 Dr Oz’s August 23 show tackled some of the most talked about myths of all time. Learn when to take off your bra and keep reading for the ultimate wart treatment. Plus, Chris Powell was back on the show with his healthy advice for automating your meals and getting a […]

Dr Oz August 22 2013 Why and how are men and women different? This is a question we have been asking throughout history, and the latest answers are coming from a possibly unexpected source, on Dr Oz’s August 22 show. Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run teamed up to explain what they know about women and […]

Dr Oz August 21 2013 Get the relief you deserve and the diet you know will make you feel your best with advice from Dr Oz’s August 21 episode. Dr Andrew Weil shared his favorite health food ingredients, with a Sea Buckthorn Smoothie Recipe and more. Plus, get great tricks and techniques for pain management, […]

Dr Oz August 20 2013 The truth about HPV may surprise you, according to Doctor Oz. His panel of experts answered questions and dispelled myths about everything from age to gender and cancer risks. Keep reading to learn all about HPV from the August 20 episode of Dr Oz. Does a pap smear test for […]

Dr Oz August 19 2013 Dr Oz dedicated his August 19 episode to giving you Super Power. Recharge yourself from the inside out to boost energy, increase natural hormone production, and keep your immune system going strong. Keep reading to learn all of Dr Oz’s tips, including safe natural sources of Human Growth Hormone. Dr […]

Dr Oz August 16 2013 Do you want more happiness in your life? Who doesn’t! The August 16 episode of Dr Oz’s show featured advice on how to erase Happiness Blockers from your life and change your behavior to put yourself in a better position to love your life. Keep reading and you will also […]

Dr Oz August 15 2013 Dr Oz spoke about Culinary Medicine with Dr LaPuma on the August 15 episode, including the cancer fighting superfoods you want to add to your shopping list. Use them to make Tahini Veggie Dip, a low-cal chicken breast meal, and more. Then get home remedies for dandruff and chafing. Here’s […]

Dr Oz August 14 2013 Dr Oz had a compelling hour on August 14, with visits from popular trainer Tony Horton and Dr Eben Alexander, who survived a near death experience. Read the articles at the links below for advice on how to reshape your body and what to do if you want a glimpse […]

Dr Oz August 13 2013 Dr Oz had a jam packed show on August 13, covering the health allergy scare of the Gluten Spectrum. Learn more about what this includes and take the Gluten Allergy Test to see if you are at risk. Plus, try no-bake recipes, get free YouTube workout videos, and check out […]

Dr Oz August 12 2013 Am I normal? It’s a question we all ask ourselves now and then. Dr Oz’s August 12 episode addressed this question and gave answers about everything from the meaning of our dreams to the quirky habits we might not want to admit. Click to read more about his advice, especially […]