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Dr Oz Recap January 10 2014 Today on the Dr. Oz Show he revealed whole body anti-aging solutions that are not only natural, but also inexpensive. Find out how soaking in an Epsom Salt bath literally takes inches off your waist and learn about a sunscreen pill that protects your skin from harm and damage. […]

Dr Oz: Recap January 9 2014 January 9 on the Dr. Oz Show he shared more ways to achieve your weight loss new year’s resolution, including how to add more fiber to your diet. Find out how much fiber you need every day and learn which foods contain the highest amount of this essential nutrient. […]

Dr Oz Recap January 8 2014 Today’s Dr. Oz Show was dedicated to helping you get the flat belly you have always wanted! He started with the “tummy trifecta”, which includes foods that increase the skinny bacteria in your gut to melt away unwanted fat. Next, find out how green bananas fight belly fat and […]

Dr Oz Recap January 7 2014 Today Dr. Oz is continuing his month of shows dedicated to helping you achieve the health you have always wanted. He started by revealing Ayurvedic solutions to treat your biggest health issues, including a coconut oil head massage that will cool you down and calm your mind. Next, get […]

Dr Oz Recap January 6 2014 Dr. Oz’s show is all about YOU for the entire month of January, which is why he has renamed it “JanYOUary”! Today he started off the month by addressing the most common new year’s resolution, which is to lose weight, with his Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet! Learn which foods […]

Dr Oz January 3 2014 Dr Oz had a lot to be excited about on his January 3 show. His surprise guest was his pregnant daughter, Daphne. He also spent a lot of time on kitchen topics, like how to keep things clean and germ-free, as well as the best kitchen gadgets you want to […]

Dr Oz January 2 2014 Get the best advice for women’s foot health when Dr Oz goes undercover on January 2. Plus, Steven Tyler was on this show to talk about his road to recovery following addiction and what others can learn from his struggles. Dr Oz: Steven Tyler Addiction Recovery Aerosmith lead singer Steven […]

Dr Oz January 1 2014 Happy New Year, Dr Oz Fans! Dr Oz showed us how to get natural gas relief or use fruit to remove a splinter on the January 1 show. Plus, he shared some pumpkin recipes to enjoy before the season is over and a Thyroid Disease Checklist you can rely on. […]

Dr Oz December 31 2013 Dr Oz invited Judge Marilyn Milian to talk about her experience with bunion surgery on December 31. Also, find out how you can track your symptoms if you think you might be affected by a parasitic infection. This episode also used food as topical medicine and shared advice for colds. […]

Dr Oz December 30 2013 Dr Oz is giving you some great advice that you can put to the test on December 30. He has been singing the praises of White Mulberries, and you can see what all the fuss is about. Then, would you use Sesame Oil as mouthwash? Get the latest research about […]

Dr Oz December 27 2013 Here’s a look at what you missed from the December 27 episode of Dr Oz. Check out the smelly scalp solutions for this common but awkward problem. Get the best protein powder for you and see what you should do about calcium in your diet. Dr Oz: Runner’s Diarrhea + […]

Dr Oz December 26 2013 Dr Oz helped you lower your stress and make your kitchen healthy with the December 26 show. Did you know that raisins can prevent blood clots? Check out his latest Wasabi Recipes and make a Banana Split dessert that you can feel good about. Here’s everything from this show. Dr […]

Dr Oz Recap December 23 2013 Dr. Oz discussed the secrets in your seven chakras and Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary explained how to release blocked energy for better health. They provided a list of the best foods to fight heart disease and thyroid conditions. Next, Dr. Oz chatted with Tory Johnson about her mind shift that led to her shedding 60 pounds! Finally, […]

Dr Oz Recap December 20 2013 Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to moms who know best, especially since they are also doctors. They shared their best tips to de-stress and fit exercise into your family’s busy schedule while one OB/GYN offered guidelines for getting a pap smear. Next, try Dr. Oz’s Beet Test […]

Dr Oz Recap December 19 2013 Today’s Dr. Oz Show was dedicated to you and celebrating the amazing accomplishments you have achieved over the years! Dr. Oz celebrated his 5th anniversary by looking back at some of his most controversial shows, including the one where he demanded the FDA set stricter rules for arsenic in […]

Dr Oz Recap December 18 2013 Dr. Oz started today’s show with an important warning about toxic flame retardant chemicals used to manufacture most of the furniture in your home and offered ways to protect your family and keep them safe. He then provided a memory-boosting prescription filled with ways you can strengthen your brain and […]

Dr Oz: Recap December 17 2013 Dr. Oz packed a lot of information into this show that was dedicated to helping you get healthy and fight disease in 2014! First he sat down with Dr. Michael Roizen to discuss the best cancer-fighting foods and ways you can lower your RealAge to add years to your […]

Dr Oz Recap December 16 2013 Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with singer Mary J. Blige to talk about her battle with drug and alcohol abuse and how she turned her life around and made her health a priority. They discussed Mary’s first-ever Christmas album, Mary Christmas, and ways to fight PMS […]