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Dr Oz: Does Sitting with Crossed Legs Lead to Blood Clots? Dr. Oz has talked about blood clots on show before, but today he is discussing a simple habit that could lead to dangerous blood clots. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to talk about the habit and why it poses a risk […]

Dr Oz: Anxiety Attack vs Heart Attack Symptoms A racing heart, a tight chest, shortness of breath and sweating are all scary symptoms, especially when they occur together, but would you know the difference between and anxiety attack and a heart attack? Dr. Oz explains the life-saving clues every woman needs to know! Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs to Boost Brain Power Today Dr. Oz has three all-natural solutions to recharge your concentration and improve your memory for years to come. He invited an audience member to help explain them so you can decide which ones could be right for you! Dr Oz: Brain Power Breakfast Dr. Oz’s […]

Dr Oz: Where to Get a Shingles Vaccine Did you have Chickenpox as a child? If so, you cannot afford to miss what Dr. Oz has to share because having had Chicken Pox puts you at greater risk for developing a much more debilitating and uncomfortable condition known as Shingles. He asked for an Assistant […]

Dr Oz: Diet Soda Heart Attack Risk Dr. Oz says there is something in your refrigerator that could increase your risk for a heart attack by 30% and it might not be what you think! Diet soda might be free of calories, but it is not free from health risks, including heart disease, stroke, and […]

Dr Oz: Do You Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue? What is Adrenal Fatigue? Dr Oz said that this diagnosis is controversial, and it could be related to stress and exhaustion. Candice said she does not know why she is exhausted. She sleeps well, but she is tired when she wakes up, no matter how much she […]

Dr Oz: Does Aspirin Prevent the Spread of Cancer? Can an Aspirin a day keep cancer away? Dr. Oz says stunning new research shows the cure for cancer could already be sitting in your medicine cabinet, but is Aspirin the right answer for everyone? Dr Oz: Take Aspirin to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk There is […]

Dr Oz: Is Getting Too Much Sleep Bad for You? If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and groggy there is new research that suggests you could be getting too much sleep, or becoming “Sleep Drunk”, rather than too little. Dr. Oz says that this condition is common in women who often wonder […]

Dr Oz: Probiotic Supplement Review If you are tired all the time, but cannot seem to figure out why and your doctor has not been any help then this is the Dr. Oz Show for you! He says the reason could be a yeast infection in your gut, so he requested an Assistant of the […]

Dr Oz: What is Pulse Pressure? Dr. Oz says there are brand new signs of Alzheimer’s that could change your future! He has an at-home test you can take to determine your risk for the disease along with three new ways to prevent Alzheimer’s! Dr Oz: Foods with Highest Levels of Pesticides This is one […]

Dr Oz: PMS Magnesium Deficiency Do you ever feel like you are walking through life just fine and then all of a sudden something throws you for a loop? Dr. Oz says there are seemingly innocent habits that could wreaking havoc on your body and messing up your hormones, but that all ends today because […]

Dr Oz: Estrogen Hormones and Moodiness in Women So far on today’s Dr. Oz Show the kids have busted myths, embarrassed their parents, and even outsmarted Dr. Oz, but now it is time for the moms to get a little payback as they compete against their daughters by taking a quiz and racing through an obstacle […]

Dr Oz: Sitting-Rising Test Predicts Heart Health Dr. Oz shares surprising ways to predict how long you will live and the first is a simple test called the Sitting-Rising Test, which determines your heart health. Start by sitting on the floor. If you can then rise to a standing position without touching any part of […]

Dr Oz: Best Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Would you like to say goodbye to unattractive stretch marks once and for all? If so, today’s Dr. Oz show is the one for you because he has new solutions to make them disappear for good! Also, natural headache remedies that work! Dr Oz: What […]

Dr Oz: How to Get More Pleasure During Lovemaking What if Dr. Oz told you that getting a simple shot could help you enjoy lovemaking once again? He says this new injections works in a new area that is being referred to as the “O” spot and he is curious to see what you think? […]

Dr Oz: Tyler Perry’s New Film The Single Moms Club Dr. Oz says there are more and more single moms in our country, which is the subject of Tyler Perry’s new film The Single Moms Club, so today Dr. Oz has tips to help you deal with the chronic stress of having to do everything on […]

Dr Oz: What Causes Anemia? Anemia is a medical condition whose best-known symptom is exhaustion, but how do you know if you are really anemic or there is something else going on with your health? Dr. Oz asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what to look for and to share […]

Dr Oz: What is Smoking Alcohol? Smoking alcohol is the dangerous new way to get drunk, but is it worth the risk? Dr. Oz was curious about how it affects the body, so he decided to dry it for himself. It was not long before he felt tipsy and found it difficult to walk a […]