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Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Pain Procedures Do you have constant pain in your back, neck or shoulders? Stop living in pain! With the help of his “Pain Panel” Doctor Oz brought you the unconventional cutting-edge treatments for your back, neck and shoulder pain. Doctor Oz reached out to his panel of experts to give you […]

Dr Oz: Organic Food Deals Everyone knows organic foods are better for you, but it can be so expensive to eat healthy, right? Wrong! On today’s show, Doctor Oz is joined by Organic Shopping Expert, Danny Seo, to give you 4 ways to buy organic foods while still saving money. Dr Oz: Organic Berry Deals […]

Dr Oz: Tests to Save Your Life Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you the simple tests that can possibly save your life, such as a Waist Size Test. The blood sugar test is a 30-second test that gives you a number you must know—your blood sugar level. […]

Dr Oz: 3 Ways to Lower Cholesterol On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, to show you 3 ways to cut cholesterol and even lower it by 30 points in just 4 weeks. Dr Oz: Red Yeast Extract Pills Red yeast extract helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol). People began taking […]

Dr Oz: 3 Methods To Awaken Your Intuition For Love Are you looking for love? Psychic Char Margolis, joined Doctor Oz to show you 3 methods to awaken your intuition in order to get the love that you desire. Char told Dr Oz that love connects us internally. Every person has a sixth sense and that […]

Dr Oz: Life After Death with Psychic Char Margolis Have you ever seen a light bulb flicker, felt a cold chill? Maybe the doorbell rang and no one was there. Are these loved ones trying to speak to you from the other side? On today’s show, Dr Oz had to bring in extra seats because […]

Dr Oz: Hidden Allergens in Your Home There are allergy culprits outside, but did you know that there are allergens in your home and you might not even know it? Your sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes may be caused by something inside your house. On today’s show, Dr Oz goes room-by-room to show you the […]

Dr Oz: Allergy Drug Reviews Doctors predict that this will be the worst allergy season ever. Are you prepared? On today’s show, Doctor Oz is joined by Allergist, Dr. Clifford Bassett to get you ready for springtime. Now that we know the difference between Mold Allergies vs Tree Pollen Allergies, find out the quick and […]

Dr Oz: Allergy Season Survival Guide It’s that time of year again. You have coughing, wheezing, sneezing and suffer from itchy watery eyes. Say hello to seasonal allergies. Experts predict that this year will be the worst allergy season ever. Thanks to a wet summer and a mild winter, plants are blooming early and pollen […]

Dr Oz: ADHD Drugs You’ve heard of Ritalin and Adderall to help cure ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children and adults, but today, more mothers and housewives are taking these drugs to help make them supermom. On today’s show, Dr Oz talked to several women who stated drugs designed […]

Dr Oz: Warehouse Bulk Bargains You walk through those big chain warehouse bargain stores, picking and choosing products. But did you know that not all bulk products are made equal? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Consumer Expert, Andrea Woroch, to give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to […]

Dr Oz: 4 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore Do you have a sharp shooting sensation, or is it a dull ache? When do you know your pain is the sign of something more serious? On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave the 4 body pains to never ignore, which included jaw, leg, abdominal and nerve pain. Dr […]

Dr Oz: Does Wine Reduce Stress? You’ve heard that a glass of wine is good for your heart health, but can a glass of your favorite vino also be good for your stress? (I would love to know this one too!) On today’s show, Doctor Oz explored whether a glass of wine can help you […]

Dr Oz: Magnetic Therapy On today’s show, Doctor Oz explored TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which is used to help cure depression. But does it work? TMS was approved 3 years ago by the FDA, but many people have yet to hear about his unorthodox procedure to help pull your brain out of its depression. An […]

Dr Oz: Anti-Exhaustion Hot List Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time? Do you find you need 3 cups of coffee just to begin your day? If this is you, Dr Oz has the remedy. On today’s show, he gave you 4 of the best products on his anti-exhaustion hot list. Plus, find […]

Kristen Johnson’s Ulcer On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Author, Actor and all around funny lady, Kristen Johnson, to tell her story of how her binge drinking and pill taking caused an ulcer that almost ended her life. Kristen became a hit on the popular television sitcom, “Third Rock from the Sun.” From […]

Dr Oz: Lies About Supplements Dr Oz broke the truth about Food Label Lies, but there are lies about supplements too.  You take supplements every day, but are they necessarily good for you? On today’s show, Doctor Oz explores some of the biggest misconceptions regarding your favorite supplements. You may be surprised. Dr Oz: Multivitamins […]

Does the Pill Prevent Cancer? You took “the pill” in your 20s and 30s to help prevent pregnancy, but today’s studies show that taking the birth control pill in your 40s may be beneficial in preventing cancer. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was visited by ObGyns, Dr. Carolyn Westhoff and Dr. Judith Wolf, to discuss […]