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Dr Oz: Energy Drink Recipe Dr Oz did a segment on the truth behind Energy Drinks.  Skip the high calorie energy drink. Lisa Lynn, weight loss and metabolism expert, joined Dr Oz in this segment to tell you how to boost your energy with drinks made the natural way. Tanya, an audience member, joined Dr […]

Dr Oz: Miracle Energy Drinks Doctor Oz did a show called “The New Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?”  Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing markets in America. Once aimed toward gearing up your kids, these drinks are now being targeted to you—the busy mom. This year alone, sales of energy drinks […]

Dr Oz: Beat The Winter Blahs In this segment, Dr Oz introduced, Cathy, who stated that as soon as she turned back the clock, her mood turned back with it. Even her wardrobe became darker. Cathy stated that she felt the winter blues hit as soon as the days got shorter. When Dr Oz asked […]

Dr Oz: Depression Natural Cures In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Pina Loguidice, ND—The Co Medical Director of Innersource Natural Health. According to Pina, the best cures come from nature, which can be powerful mood boosters. She stated that she prescribed natural remedies often to her patients. First, she looked at a patient’s diet and […]

Dr Oz: Feet Warning Signs Your feet carry the weight of your whole body, but they can also give you life saving clues about your body. In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Gina, a brave soul who dared to stand on Dr Oz’s stage barefoot. Gina stated that she didn’t consider her feet the […]

Dr Oz: Emeril Lagasse’s Shrimp Pasta Doctor Oz brought Emeril Lagasse onto his show today.  Emeril and Dr Oz prepared one of Emeril’s favorite meals, only this one had half the fat and calories. Normally, Emeril used crawfish and fettucine but nixed the crawfish for the more easily attainable, shrimp. He changed the fettucine for […]

Dr Oz: Emeril’s Must-Have Items to Revolutionize Your Health Doctor Oz brought out culinary rock star, Emeril Lagasse (or just Emeril, for those of us who have followed his career.) Chef Emeril is one of the most famous and beloved chefs in America, whose culinary career has spanned over 20 years. (Who can forget his […]

Dr Oz: New Orleans Oven Jazzy Chicken Recipe In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Wanda and Rosie, 2 New Orleanian cafeteria school workers, to show Dr Oz Fans how to prepare their healthy and delicious Jazzy Chicken Recipe. Wanda and Rosie started the segment by giving Dr Oz some beads. (Hey, I thought we had […]

Dr Oz: The Daniel Plan Doctor Oz did a segment on how Pastor Rick Warren lost weight on The Daniel Plan.  Pastor Warren stated that weight loss groups are important because God has wired us to need each other. Several passages in the bible reference this idea. It is the mutual service to each other […]

Dr Oz: Pastor Rick Warren Diet Rich Warren is the author of “A Purpose Driven Life” and founder and leader of Saddleback Church, one of America’s biggest churches. He has brought spiritual guidance to millions, but now he and his congregation are ready to turn their health around. He stated that he gained 90 lbs […]

Dr Oz: Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions Doctor Oz did a show with Betty White included this segment that covered the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions.  If a member of Dr Oz’s audience appeared on his monitor, they had to ask their embarrassing question. Dr Oz: Muffin Top Vitamin C Fix 10. Belly—How can you […]

Dr Oz: Betty White “Hot In Cleveland” Today, on the Dr Oz Show, there was no question too embarrassing or to ridiculous… it was Dr Oz’s No Fear Zone: Answers To The Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask. (At least, according to him. I thought otherwise.) For this segment, Doctor Oz had audience members […]

Dr Oz: Child Food Hoarder Tyche Doctor Oz spoke about Child Food Hoarders.  In this segment, Dr Oz brought out Dr. Kimberli McCallum, MD, PHD child and adolescent psychologist and Molly Carmel, LCSW, who stated that obesity is a progressive disease like cancer, and without treatment, it gets worse. Dr Oz also talked with Tyche, […]

Dr Oz Hoarders: Children Who Hoard Food Tyche is a 200 lb 11-year-old girl who binges and hordes food. Since she was two, Tyche had been hoarding food, hiding it under her bed and in her closets. Tyche was 4-years-old when mom really noticed the hoarding and became concerned. Mom stated that Tyche brought the […]

Dr Oz: Arsenic In Juice Update Doctor Oz did a show on Arsenic in Apple Juice at the beginning of the season, and now he has provided us with an update on that show.  Dr. Urvashi Rangan, PhD from Consumer Reports, visited the Dr Oz show to reveal the studies for their investigation. Consumer Reports […]

Dr Oz: Share Our Strength Organization Share Our Strength is the leading non-profit organization that was created 30 years in the basement of a Washington, DC home of Bill Shore and his wife. Today, Share Our Strength works in conjunction with food pantries to serve millions of meals to needy kids. This entire week, Doctor […]

Dr Oz: Fighting Hunger In the Community Doctor Oz did a segment on How Hunger Harms Children and then brought onto his show Pam, a teacher in the Winston, NC area. The first time she realized her students were hungry was when she heard two of her students discussing how thin their moms were because […]

Dr Oz: Hunger Harms Children’s Health Doctor Oz spoke about Hunger in America’s Middle Class, and then introduced Dr. Meggan Goodpasture, a pediatrician with the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Goodpasture stated that in her profession, they saw more families that had difficulties providing basic needs for their children, including food. One afternoon, Dr. […]