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Dr Oz: Joan & Melissa Rivers Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa sit down with Dr. Oz to talk about what it is like to live and work together as well as to ask for Dr. Oz’s medical advice. Plus, Joan’s secret to staying young! Dr Oz: Does Joan Rivers Regret Cosmetic Surgery? Joan Rivers […]

Dr Oz: Spring Allergy Survival Guide Dr. Oz says this spring could be the worst allergy season yet, so he has a Spring Allergy Survival Guide to help ease your symptoms even if you have never experienced them before now because allergies can strike at any age! Dr Oz: Allergy Symptoms Meteorologists agree this could […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Revive Your Love Life Did you know that 15% of all couples are not getting intimate in the bedroom? Dr. Oz says you might too embarrassed to admit it, but if your love life has fizzled out today’s show is for you because he has the solutions to revive your sex […]

Dr Oz: Can Your Handwriting Be a Sign of Heart Disease? When you write, do your letters stand up straight or do they slant to the right? Are your letters big or small and do you make big loops when writing the letter “L” or a closed loop when jotting the letter “e”? Dr. Oz […]

Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic Scoliosis & Is She Too Skinny? Television power couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic have face many health challenges head-on, which is why Dr. Oz wanted to sit down with them to talk about cancer, infertility, and finally becoming parents! Dr Oz: Giuliana Rancic’s Double Mastectomy Giuliana Rancic says that while sharing […]

Dr Oz: Prescription Medication Addiction Dr. Oz says there is a big change in the medical community that has him scared. Zohydro is a powerful new opioid pain medication that could send drug abuse in America to epidemic levels.It is five times stronger than any other pain medication on the market and contains 50 milligrams […]

Dr Oz: What’s Hot in Holistic Health Dr Oz invited guest Bryce Wylde back to the show with his latest finds about what’s hot and what is not in the world of holistic health. He suggested Haskap Berry, Lucuma Powder, and much more. Bryce Wylde travels around the world to stay on top of the […]

Dr Oz: How to Get the Best Price for Prescriptions Generic prescriptions might be a great way to save a little money, but are the medications as good as the name brands? Dr. Oz says Americans spend a lot of money on generic prescriptions every year, but many of us still have a lot of […]

Dr Oz: How to Memorize a Grocery List Dr. Oz says a leading neurologist has definitive proof you can jumpstart your memory in just 24 hours and he is ready to show you his 4-step plan right now. Get ready to sharpen your mind in as little as one day! Dr Oz: Mirror Image Memory […]

Dr Oz: Best Herbs to Fight Stress Dr. Oz says anxiety has passed depression as the number one mental health condition in America, so he has the best all-natural alternatives to relieve your chronic stress once and for all! Dr Oz: Ashwagandha Supplement to Help You Sleep Many of us are stressed out by everyday […]

Dr Oz: Chair Pose Eases Leg Pain Dr. Oz wants you think about the way you handle and treat your pain because if you suffer from back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain he has the solutions you have been waiting for to ease your pain without medication! Would you believe there are 5 simple yoga […]

Dr Oz: Struggling with Decision Making Do you often have a hard time making decisions? Do you ever feel gripped with fear that you are making the wrong decision? Dr. Oz believes this is one of the biggest things causing problems for our health and even leading to issues like depression and anxiety, so he […]

Dr Oz: Insomnia App Review Have you ever had burning pains in your stomach, but were not sure where they came from? Dr. Oz asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what causes your pain and what you can do to make it go away! Dr Oz: Signs of Gastritis From […]

Dr Oz: Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne Today Dr. Oz is debunking some of medicine’s most controversial myths and he is using magic to do it, so he asked for the help of an expert. Andrew Mayne is known for what is called “shock magic”, but he says he uses a lot of science when performing […]

Dr Oz: What Do Dreams Reveal About Your Health? Did you know that decoding your dreams can reveal a lot about your health? Dr. Oz the first step in understanding your dreams is understanding why they happen in the first place. He explains that while the front of your brain, which does the most decision-making […]

Dr Oz: Do Angels Really Exist? When Dr. Oz sat down with psychic Rebecca Rosen he admitted to being very skeptical her psychic ability, explaining that he thought she would be quite vague in her statements, but she has been very specific with things about his family that have never been made public. She says […]

Dr Oz: Awaken the Spirit Within Psychic Rebecca Rosen Does a belief in angels have the power to heal you? Dr. Oz is not so sure that angels really exist, but psychic Rebecca Rosen, author of Awaken the Spirit Within, thinks she can change his mind and make him a believer, as well every other […]

Dr Oz: Birth Order & Personality Traits What is your birth order? Whether you are the first born, the middle child, or an only child it can reveal a lot about your personality, but new research shows it can also tell a lot about your health. Dr. Jen Hartstein sat down with Dr. Oz to […]