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Doctor Oz did a segment on what to do if your loved one has an accident where trauma occurs… would you know what to do?  The first hour after trauma occurs is called the Golden Hour, and it can highly effect the outcome of the accident to your loved one.  Dr. Oz was joined by […]

Doctor Oz discussed what to do when you burn your skin at home… should you call 911? or treat the burns yourself?  Dr. Oz, wit the help of seat 46 – Virginia – his assistant of the day, answered everyone’s questions about burns.  The two most common household burns are scalds and contact burns (from […]

When a person is having a seizure, you may only have thirty seconds to react. A seizure is one of the most terrifying things to go through… so Dr. Oz gave us the do’s and dont’s of seizures, are you prepared for if a friend or family member has a seizure? Transparent 3d head of […]

Dr. Oz played “Food Play” on his show with two guests from his audience and the Kitchen Diva, Angela Shelf Medearis (author of The Kitchen Diva! The New African-American Kitchen). Asparagus from Crestock Stock Photography Do you know what is the world’s most nutritionally balanced food? … ASPARAGUS!!!  So the Kitchen Diva taught us a […]

Dr Oz gave same fabulous tips in case you are ever in a car accident or need to do some emergency first aid on someone who is bleeding. Rally car crash from Crestock High Quality Images Dr. Oz’s 3 Do’s and Dont’s in an emergency: After calling 911, do the following: 1. Apply direct pressure […]