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Doctor Oz was asked by Jennifer, a woman in his audience, if milk is bad for you when you are sick, because that is what her mother always told her. milk being poured in a glass from Crestock Photos Dr. Oz said that the issue with milk is that it make you have extra mucus, […]

Tom Joyner, radio show host and boxer, asked Doctor Oz why his elbow gets so swollen that he sometimes can’t even straighten out his arm. young African boy in defensive attitude from Crestock Stock Images Dr. Oz said that Tom Joyner’s right hook could be causing the trouble with the repetitive damage.  The humerus, the […]

Doctor Oz discussed diarrhea with Ann-Marie, the previous assistant of the day for his constipation segment.  In the wall of your intestinal track are bacteria.  The bacteria live on villi, which look like coral inside of your intestinal tract, which is where all of these poop problems begin.  If your intestinal tract squeezes too quickly, […]

Doctor Oz had a woman on his show who was in a very bad car accident when she was younger.  Her friend’s brakes went out, and she got thrown through the windshield and her face shattered on the pavement.  After many hours of surgery and 500 stitches, she recovered, but has always been embarrassed about […]

Doctor Oz had Deepak Chopra, author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You, on his show to teach us about the power of the mind.  Deepak Chopra was called by Time Magazine, the Poet-Prophet of Alternative Medicine.  Deepak was born in India in 1942 and got a medical degree […]

Doctor Oz had Joseph Mercola, author of The No-Grain Diet, on his show to teach us about the field of alternative health.  Joseph Mercola’s website gets 12 million hits per month and he is a board certified osteopath.  Joseph has been telling Americans about the importance of Vitamin D and the danger of high fructose […]

Doctor Oz had Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit, on his show to teach us how to change ourselves from the inside out.  Kathy Freston is changing the way that we eat!  She recommends choosing what we eat with integrity and care.  Our […]

Doctor Oz says that 40% of American adults have tried alternative medicines and $34 billion are spent on herbs, yoga and alternative medicine options.  How did this alternative medicine enthusiasm begin?  When American journalist James Reston was in China, he had an emergency operation and was in so much pain that he was willing to […]

In celebration of Dr. Oz’s 100th show, he brought on 100 people who lost at least 100 pounds.  In total, the Dr. Oz 100 lost 13,000 pounds!  What amazing inspiration!  The Dr. Oz 100 come from all over the country (like Lauren from Minnesota), from all different jobs (like Willy the analyst), and from all […]

Dr. Oz’s show on January 28, 2010 ended with the following summary of doctor’s orders from Dr. Oz: 1. Pay Attention to Pain – it could be a sign of cancer! Holding a Light Bulb from Crestock High Quality Images 2.  Use Moisturizer with Retinol – this will keep your skin young and replace the […]

Dr. Oz gave 5 fantastic tips for beating the winter blues: 1. Peppermint Oil -helps with sadness and depression, and because of the menthol in it, it is a great energy booster.  If you have never tried putting on a few dabs or taking a couple of whiffs before a workout… it is amazing! Winter […]

Are you over 40?  Is your skin and hair changing?  Dr. Oz calls this a woman’s midlife puberty or second puberty.  So how does Dr. Oz suggest women can regain control from their hormones during this midlife puberty (similar to menopause)? Midlife Puberty Skin Changes: Natural beauty applying make up from Crestock Photos Patty from […]

My jaw dropped when I saw the video of Terri and Ed three years ago, and then saw what they look like today – MASSIVE change!!!  Terri and Ed lost a combined total of 251 pounds together as a couple.  What were their weight loss secrets? weight loss from Crestock Creative Images 1. Learn the […]

Cancer is the disease that we all fear the most.  Dr. Oz said that 30% of all cancer cases are signaled by pain first.  Want some more scary statistics?  Did you know that 1 in 3 women will get cancer at some point during their life… and men have an even higher risk (50%) of […]

Dr. Oz: Sleep Apnea

By on January 21, 2010

Dr. Oz always says we need to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (I know that I need at least 8 or else I am a mess the next day!).  I felt so badly for Dr. Oz’s guests: Brian and Jennifer.  Both Brian and Jennifer snore, but Brian snores so loudly that […]

Dr. Oz’s segment on the effectiveness and dangers of diet pills was very interesting and a must watch for anyone considering taking over the counter or prescription diet drugs.  Dr. Oz had a guest who took Ephedra (Ephedrine Alkaloids) when it was readily available as an over the counter herbal remedy.  Since then (on February […]

Dr. Oz gave some great advice for early detection of Alzheimer’s and new ways to treat Alzheimer’s. Is it hard for you to find words when you are trying to express yourself?  Do you misplace things often?  If so, these may be early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Here is a quick memory test.  Look at […]

Certaing foods are “Major Agers”, meaning that they age us faster.  Here is Dr. Oz’s list of 5 foods to eliminate to keep yourself looking young: Off to the movies from Crestock Stock Photography 1. Simple Sugars 2. Syrups 3. Enriched Bleached Flours 4. Trans Fats 5. Saturated Fats For example, when you are reading […]